30 Resources to Help Real Estate Agents Curate Content for Social Media

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to schedule social media posts for your business – and completely losing that creative spark. You may have endless photos of your stunning listings, but what about helpful, educational content for your Facebook and LinkedIn followers?

If you are looking for fresh articles to keep your audience engaged and tuned in to what you do, use this list to get started. Find articles about everything from architecture to DIY home repairs to delight your followers and help them navigate the real estate world.

Real Estate News:

  1. Realtor Magazine: The News & Insights section provides a wide variety of excellent articles on real estate trends, bringing together articles from publications from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.
  2. Wall Street Journal Developments Blog: Use this resource to find current real estate news and global housing market trends.
  3. Forbes Real Estate: This section of Forbes is a great place to find articles about the real estate business, including updates on new startups entering the industry and opinions on how current policies affect real estate in the U.S.
  4. World Property Journal: Check in here weekly for in-depth articles on global property trends.
  5. The Real Daily: Real estate news with a tech focus. Find out where the real estate industry is going and what new products are innovating the way we live.
  6. Realty Times: This publication is more targeted toward agents, but it can also be a great resource to give your followers more insight on the industry and how to improve their home on a budget.
  7. Inman: A highly accessible, blog-style real estate publication with short snappy articles to keep your audience informed on current trends in the market.
  8. HousingWire: High-level articles about the housing market in the United States, particularly opinion pieces about political challenges to the real estate industry.


Real Estate Neighborhood Information:

  1. Charles Gate Realty Blog: For current listings, fun facts, and updates on the Boston luxury real estate market.
  2. Chicago Agent Magazine: A resource for Chicago based agents that provides industry news, with a focus on tech and data, about the real estate market in Chicago.
  3. The Real Deal: This magazine is committed to providing cutting-edge news on the real estate industry in New York City.

Real Estate Blogs:

  1. Boomtown: An industry favorite, this blog provides short, snappy articles to help improve real estate agents ROI from day to day.  
  2. Cozy Blog: Excellent evergreen content on the inner workings of the real estate industry to help agents and buyers alike educate themselves on the housing market and home improvement.
  3. Bigger Pockets: This resource is a little off-the-beaten path, but it is meant to provide online education to real estate agents. Surf the discussions sections to find insider tips and recommendations for new resources to explore.
  4.  Unpakt Blog: Everything you need to know about planning your next move, you can find on this handy blog.
  5. Curbed: A beautifully-curated blog devoted to industry news across 14 cities in the U.S. that also includes listings and decoration tips.

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Real Estate Interior Design Resources:

  1. Elle Decor: This section of Elle Magazine focuses on design trends, property news, and interior decoration inspiration for all budgets.
  2. Real Simple: A popular Australian publication with tips on organizing, cleaning, decorating, gardening, and recycling within the home.
  3. Adore Magazine: An interior design magazine that loves to promote beautiful, colorful, modern home decor. Their website seeks to provide “weekly doses of inspiration” with home tours, design news, and more.
  4.  Martha Stewart Home: For more traditional home inspiration and DIY design ideas, Martha Stewart has been providing cornerstone content for years.
  5. House & Garden: A UK publication filled with design inspiration, wanderlust-inducing photos of the world, and inside views of the UK’s most luxurious homes.
  6. Architectural Digest: One of the best-recognized publications on architecture worldwide, with reports on celebrity homes, monuments, and city planning.
  7. Array NY: A sleek style publication focused on cutting-edge trends in New York’s most modern buildings.
  8. Better Homes and Gardens: An excellent all-around resource for tips on gardening, home improvement, organization, and design ideas.

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Real Estate DIY Home Repair Tips:

  1. House Beautiful: While this blog provides design and lifestyle columns as well, it is a great place to start for articles on home renovation.
  2. How Stuff Works: Handy step-by-step guides on DIY home repairs, advice on the best purchases for a new home, and even cleaning advice for home and garden.
  3. House Logic: A blog dedicated to DIY repairs that anyone can take on to improve their home.


Other Real Estate Resources:

  1. Google Sketchup: A 3D modeling app provided by Google that allows you to create stunning visuals to make your Instagram stand out.
  2. Urban Land Institute: If sustainability of is of interest to your audience, check out this magazine for expert opinions on the intersection of real estate development and land use worldwide.
  3. Property Simple: Last but not least, use the PropertySimple Collections feature to organize and group listings to help your audience compare listings and get a feel for your brand’s image.


Keep your social media followers engaged by consistently providing them with fresh, informative content. If you’re not sure where to get started, this list will give you the inspiration you need to delight your audience and help them with any of their real estate queries.

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