Raise your hand if you want to see into the future of real estate? Oh good. We thought you’d never ask. 

This week in the “Ultimate Realtor Personal Branding Experiment,” LA realtor, Edward Hutchinson, predicts what real estate will look like in the next 2-3 years. Over 116K tuned in to episode 9, and we advise you to do the same.

In the future of real estate, realtors won’t have to show a boring black and white floor plan and some 2D photos of a home. Instead, they’ll be the odd-realtor-out if they’re not using 360° video & drone footage to share their properties.

In episode 9, Ed shows off 2 must-have-realtor-toys you’ll want to to get your hands on (right away):

  • A 360° drone (a DJI Spark to be exact) that follows your hand around like you’re a Jedi. It also takes all the flights from the day and creates a highlight video for you automatically.
  • A sneak peek at the brand new Insta360 Pro– equipped with 6 ultra-high 8K definition lenses and 4 built-in microphones that records audio from all directions. That way when you use VR goggles, you can actually hear sounds the way they would be in real life.  

After getting the chance to use both, Ed thinks that this real estate-tech will very soon be a realtor’s bread and butter. For example, by using a 360° camera, a realtor can go out and create virtual showings so their clients don’t physically need to be there, accommodating busy schedules. 

And just think of the impact this will have on a global scale! Instead of clients having to book a flight to travel hours to see a listing for 30 minutes, Ed proposes a better, more practical idea- implement an experience pod at a brokerage where someone can stand in and get a virtual showing of five to ten properties…remotely!

Let’s take a quick look at the numbers to really put the success of episode 9 into perspective:

Episode 1 in “The Ultimate Realtor Personal Branding Experiment” brought in 23,599 views (8,184 unique views). Fast forward to episode 9, which hit 116,354 views (104,562 unique views). That’s a 20% percent increase!

But let’s get something straight. We don’t think this episode did as well as it did just because Ed talks about drones. We think it reached record high views because he made this piece of technology relevant to his target audience – realtors, sellers, and buyers!

Lastly, Ed made sure to take this footage and recycle it on his different social media channels. By just clicking “upload” he was able to share with his community “the future of real estate” from his POV. This not only builds trust between him and his followers but gives him credibility in the industry. 

Overall, watching Ed’s personal brand grow (and grow) as a realtor in LA has been great to witness. But will he be able to reach his ultimate goal of selling $30 million in properties by the end of 2017? You’ll just have to follow along to find out. And for more updates, tips and tricks on the future of real estate, join our Facebook Group, Future of Real Estate. 

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Written by Charlotte Waldmeir

Lead Content Marketing Manager of Future of Real Estate. Storytelling enthusiast with a focus on real estate, social media and personal branding.

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