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How to Improve Your On-Camera Performance with Chelsea Peitz

+ 1 Pro Video Tip you Don’t Want to Mess up

Nowadays, if you want to get anyone’s attention on social media, you need to be creating video content. Why? Because (1) people have a short attention span and would rather “watch” than “read” and (2) a deeper level of trust is established using video marketing versus a blog or long-form Facebook post. And as a real estate professional, trust and connection is the golden ticket to a successful career in the industry.

Real Estate Marketing expert, Chelsea Peitz, calls this form of marketing “camera-first marketing” and says every real estate agent should be adopting this strategy if they want to reach modern consumers. Chelsea is a living, breathing example of how “camera-first” marketing works as one of the first real estate professionals to use video-first platforms like Snapchat (@chelsea.peitz) to grow her personal brand and share her passion for marketing and real estate with the world.

You wouldn’t know it watching her content, but the truth is, getting on camera didn’t come easily to Chelsea at first. In our Facebook LIVE chat on the Future of Real Estate Facebook Group, I asked her to recall her first time on camera.

“One of the things that I really struggled with was getting on camera and doing it Live. It was terrifying. I didn’t watch myself back for an entire year because I knew that if I did, I wasn’t going to stick with it!”

Thoughts like “my life is too boring for camera,” “I don’t know what to say” “my voice is awful” ran through her head and chances are, these are also thoughts that have crossed your mind, too!

You can watch Chelsea’s reaction to her first time on camera here:

Chelsea’s biggest recommendation – watch yourself after you do a Live or a recording! While it almost always hurts to hear your own voice and see your own face on camera, she says she wishes she had taken a look sooner!

“I could have gotten a whole lot better, a lot quicker, if I’d actually, you know, had the courage to watch myself back! — Worst comes to worst, you can just delete it!”

Last but not least, Chelsea shared one incredible Pro Video Tip I almost screwed up prior to getting on the LIVE chat with her:


Watch the “Pro Video Tip” she shared with me here:

This way when you and your guest are chatting during a Live Stream, the two screens will show up next to each other and is easier on the eyes for those tuning in.

Today’s Action Item: Record yourself!! Take 5 minutes, flip your phone on its side and share your story with your growing audience. Definitely, put a shirt on but no need to get your eyebrows done prior to your social debut – people will relate more to your crazy eyebrows and relatability is exactly what you want to portray to your audience!

Let us know how the recording went in our Facebook Group, Future of Real Estate, and tune in next week where Chelsea will drop her wisdom on Facebook’s most recent algorithm changes and how they impact real estate agents.

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Written by Charlotte Waldmeir

Lead Content Marketing Manager of Future of Real Estate. Storytelling enthusiast with a focus on real estate, social media and personal branding.

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