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Episode 10: How to Reach 100K Views in one Week

We have a very exciting announcement to make. The Ultimate Realtor Personal Branding Experiment series has peaked to a whopping 104,983 unique views! Episode 10 is our best performing episode in the series and today we break down why we think so many people couldn’t take their eyes off of 2 minutes and 47 seconds of pure personal branding GOLD.

Check it out for yourself below:

To get the full gist of “The Ultimate Realtor Personal Branding Experiment” you can head over to our magazine. But for today, let’s take a quick look back at last week’s episode and break down our golden child, episode 10.

In episode 9, we discovered how real estate tech, i.e. using drones, is one great way to grab attention on social media. Why? Because it’s informative and you know what they say about knowledge – it builds trust. And trust is everything in the world of real estate.

While episode 9 brought our numbers up compared to episodes that did worse (like episode 4), episode 10 taught us two big lessons about creating a web series on the future of real estate:

  1. People LOVE seeing beautiful homes.
  2. Who you target in Facebook Ads can make or break how much engagement you receive.

Remember MTV cribs? Gone are the days where you can take a virtual tour of Mariah Carey’s McMansion and see what’s inside Snoop Dogg’s fridge. What Ed has done is taken the “MTV Crib concept” and brought it down a notch to something a little more digestible for the real estate industry. Every Tuesday, he does something called LA Mansion Tours. This mini web series he’s created on his own (using simple tools like his iPhone) have put him on the map as a top realtor in the LA area.

We think episode 10 did as well as it did because it solely shared an inside look at how the 1% are living these days. I mean, come on! An infinity pool AND a wine cellar?! We can only dream and that’s why over 100K people tuned in. Bottom line – Ideas like LA Mansion Tours work (like we’ve seen in episodes  2, 3 and 6) and more realtors should be following suit if they want to get in front of more buyers and sellers, faster.

You probably didn’t know this but throughout the entire series “The Ultimate Realtor Personal Branding Experiment” we have been measuring how fast we can establish Ed’s personal brand using tools like Facebook Advertising. When we first started using Facebook Ads to boost “The Ultimate Realtor Personal Branding Experiment,” we were targeting people that used keywords like “real estate broker,” and “real estate agent” in their bio because we thought that’s who would be interested in the series.

However, when we decided to switch it up and target people that have interests in “Architecture & Design” we saw a massive rise in engagement (Exhibit A: Episode 10). Not only did we have the highest percentage of people watching, but we had the highest percentage of people watching more than halfway through (instead of dropping off after a few seconds). We learned a big lesson here – getting exposure to your brand requires research into who would be interested in tuning in.

Overall, episode 10 taught us a ton about how to help realtors grow their brand to grow their business. Let’s see where episode 11 will take us next week!

For more on how to grow your personal brand as a realtor, head how to our Facebook Group, Future of Real Estate.

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Written by Charlotte Waldmeir

Lead Content Marketing Manager of Future of Real Estate. Storytelling enthusiast with a focus on real estate, social media and personal branding.

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