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How to use Instagram for Realtors

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Don’t feel like reading? Check out Lauren’s tip in video form:

Compared to other social media platforms, Instagram might not have the best referral traffic rates, its user base is skewed to a younger demographic, AND around 80% of Instagram users are outside of the US….

So, you’re probably thinking- ‘Is using Instagram really worth it?’

Short answer to that question- absolutely, YES!

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With over 700 million active users and engagement rates up to 10x higher than other platforms like Facebook, Instagram may be a totally different ball game than other social channels, but it is the perfect tool for realtors to build awareness, create relationships and boost their brand.

First things first. If you’re on Instagram- you should convert your account to a business profile. Having a business account on Instagram will give you access to stats, follower info and other data that will help you monitor your account and its growth.

Next, you’ll want to optimize your profile. Upload a professional, yet friendly profile photo, add 1-3 keywords after your name (to make your account searchable) and work on your bio to give your audience a better idea of who you are and why they should follow you. (If you watched and completed the action item in video 3, this is where your brand headline could come in!) Also, delete any past posts that are very ‘off-brand’ and you should probably add a link to your blog or landing page, as profile URLs are currently Instagram’s only clickable links.

For reference, let’s take a quick look at two awesome realtor Instagram profiles. Both Ed and Jeff, have inviting profile photos, clickable profile links and explicitly state who they are, what they do AND where they’re located, with contact info in their bios.

realtor Instagram profile

Awesome realtor Instagram profile

Once you have your profile optimized, search-happy and ready to go, you can get to the fun part- posting! Instagram is all about visuals, meaning ALL photos and videos you post should be the highest possible quality. Like Facebook, try to get creative and share content with value. Showcase some of your favorite spots around town, like where you get your morning coffee, your favorite park to walk your dog, the bar you like to meet friends at for a drink after work, or even an inside look at your own home. Once you’ve got a nice mix going, start adding in things like open houses, property listings, photos from company events, etc.

drinking coffee with friends

Instagram is all about giving your followers a little inside look at your life, connecting with them, creating relationships and establishing yourself as an expert in the process, so make sure you set aside a little bit of time each day for engagement.

You’ll want to use Instagram as a way for your audience to identify with you and your brand while building trust. When they decide to sell or buy, they’ll know immediately who to turn to!

Today’s Action Item
Using our Realtor Content Calendar, plan out a week of Instagram posts.

Have some fun with this and experiment with different filters, angles and perspectives. Are you comfortable with video? Try a video walk-through of a new listing or a mini-tour around town. Show some of your day-to-day, and don’t forget to show a little of the behind-the-scenes- AKA…YOU!

If you’re already on Instagram- what’s your strategy? We’d love to hear from you in our Facebook Group, Future of Real Estate!

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Written by Lauren Bonheim

Lead marketer at PropertySimple and Marketing Manager of Future of Real Estate. Delving into the digital marketing world with a focus on social media and personal branding.

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