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The Secret to Getting Started as a Realtor

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Originally from London where he spent time working in the luxury property market, Edward Hutchinson is now on a mission to make it in the world’s second most competitive real estate market- Los Angeles. Getting started as a realtor in a new market isn’t easy but in just 1 year, Edward has established himself as one of LA’s top real estate agents. 

Ed says when it comes to starting out as a new realtor, your inner circle, and word-of-mouth referrals are everything. His first sale in LA was actually a contact of his sister’s who turned out to be a client who bought a condo from Edward for $2.75 million in Venice. (Talk about a good connection!) His second transaction was selling a condo in the same development where he lives with his wife. By simply sharing the message that he is a realtor to both his family and his neighbors, Ed was able to kick-start his business.

That said, while many realtors go down the route of paying for sites like or Trulia, Ed says a new realtor’s best business is the people they knew before they got their license. It’s, therefore, critical to share with your friends, family, and neighbors that you are a realtor by way of social media, email or simply picking up the phone!

Now, Ed looks to social media to continue to grow his business and build his personal brand. But he says it was these initial customers in his inner circle that opened his business up to what it is today.

Are you new to real estate? You can ask any questions to our robust community of top realtors in our Facebook Group, Future of Real Estate. 

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Written by Charlotte Waldmeir

Lead Content Marketing Manager of Future of Real Estate. Storytelling enthusiast with a focus on real estate, social media and personal branding.

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